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White Glove Moving

Do you have treasured valuables that require more careful and delicate attention than the typical move? Our White Glove Moving Services have you covered.

Picture a palace with sprawling grounds, you walk up to the massive, tall double doors, which swing open as you climb the wide marble staircase leading. Greeting you is the Baron’s butler. A short, seasoned, graying man with distinguished sideburns. He’s in a sharp tuxedo, and bears a silver tray with your favorite beverage that has been carefully prepared and kept at your ideal temperature. One gloved hand holds the tray, and the other keeping the beverage steady. After taking the beverage, he introduces himself as Rupert, and gestures grandly towards the tall marble columns that lead to the heart of the palace. What color were those gloves? White.

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White gloves come from a tradition of great service. Servants have worn them since time immemorial to showcase the level of hygiene and quality of an establishment. This started from servants “laying the silver” for dinners of the nobility and wealthy merchants. The natural oil on human skin causes dirt to adhere to silver quickly. Soon, this practice spread to every facet of high class servants, becoming an integral part of the uniform.

White Glove Moving is what we do. The same qualities and virtues possessed by the staff of a Lord’s Manor are the ones we espouse and practice at Palmetto Specialty Transfer. The term “White Glove” is used to refer to service that goes above and beyond the rest of the industry. It is service at the highest level, and requires a commitment to excellence that can only be maintained with passion and a commitment to excellence at all levels of service.

What truly sets us at Palmetto Specialty Transfer apart, and keeps us at the forefront of our industry, is our desire to excel in every facet of what we do. Our staff is patient whilst maintaining efficiency. One cannot rush something and expect it to be done to a very high standard. When Palmetto Specialty Transfer commits to a project, we will be there until the successful conclusion of the project, no matter what. We do not accept mediocrity, and ensure the quality of our work with meticulous preparation and planning through every step of a project.

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Our Transfer Associates are highly trained and well respected in the community, and our supervisors’ leadership, technical expertise and organization are unparalleled in our industry. Our clients entrust us with their possessions, and we take that trust extremely seriously. We are conscientious of everything. Everyone has something invaluable; something that is literally irreplaceable. Family heirlooms, custom artwork and exotic vases and pieces acquired whilst traveling abroad.

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We are fastidious in our attention to detail. With precise planning of every step of a project, we ensure that we operate at the highest possible efficiency from start to finish. With a comprehensive plan that encompasses every facet of a project, we are extremely well prepared for any potential scenarios that might crop up. As the saying goes, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. We anticipate that things can and will change. With well over a decade of experience in logistics in our home markets and a multitude of projects across the country, are prepared and ready to adapt to any change in circumstance. Our flexibility is one of our many strengths, allowing us to practice a fluid style to serve our clients’ needs.

Our teams are a cohesive unit. Every member shares the same goals and works together to reach them. Teamwork is vital to ensuring quality and efficiency, and every team member performs their duties with diligence and passion. Precise organization allows our teams to function as one, and the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. We truly care about what we do, and are not satisfied with serving an imperfect product. We are proud to be the best at what we do, and take immense pleasure in a job well done. Our passion for great service fuels our commitment to excellence, and keeps us striving to maintain our position at the forefront, leading our industry.

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